Where Do We Go? – Issues / Policies / Strategies

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Issues / Policies / Strategies

The following sections list several issues that affect the type of community that Butler will be in the future.   Please provide any comments, ideas or additional information via the “Comments” form.

Commercial / Retail Growth
Status – Finding Significant traffic volume on U.S. 6…need to attract traffic to stop in Butler.
Objective Niche destination businesses to draw in traffic from outside Butler.New investment in commercial / retail / service businesses in Butler
Policies / Strategies Market Butler to specialty retailers.

Encourage local entrepreneurship.

Status – Finding Stagnant population growth since 1970 (12%)
Objective(s) Butler household income levels at least on par with DeKalb County household income levels.Increase Butler’s population to increase the minimum “threshold” potential market levels for new businesses.
Policies / Strategies Work with Butler area industries and Realtors in encouraging employees of Butler companies to live in Butler.
Status – Finding Vacant or uncleared lots.

Vacant storefronts.

Objective(s) A downtown that provides attractive public space and viable retail / services businesses & storefronts.
Policies / Strategies Pursue successful completion of Redevelopment Commission project in expanding the Miller Park area in the 100-block of South Broadway.

Review and revise zoning regulations as needed to encourage the establishment of viable businesses in downtown Butler.

Economic Development
Status – Finding Butler – manufacturing is 44% of the labor market.

DeKalb County – manufacturing is 27.8% of the labor market.

Good industrial base

Lack of infrastructure south of railroad tracks (industrially-zoned area) on west side of Butler.

Objectives Increase the number of logistical operations in Butler.

Maintain existing industrial base.

Attract new industries if opportunities occur.

Policies / Strategies
Take advantage of Butler’s location and logistical base.

Pursue “multi-modal” transportation operations.

Continue tax phase-in program.

Work with state and regional agencies to provide prospects grant and employee training assistance when feasible.

Pursue grant assistance for new / improved infrastructure.

Housing / Neighborhoods
Status – Finding  Aging housing stock.

Lack of sidewalks and sidewalk connectivity.

Growing number of vacant lots due house demolitions / unsafe building enforcement.

Lower average number of owner-occupied houses.

Majority of owner-occupied houses valued under $100,000.

Objectives New single-family dwellings.

Increased percentage of owner-occupied dwellings.

New sidewalks in unserved / under-served areas.

Policies / Strategies
Identify undeveloped areas in and adjacent to Butler where residential development could occur.

Continue residential tax abatement program for new houses.

Review and revise subdivision ordinance.

Continue unsafe building enforcement program.

Code enforcement – abate unsightly properties to improve property values.

Status – Finding Combined sanitary – storm sewer system.  Causes overflows at wastewater treatment plant.
Objectives Separate storm sewer system where needed in Butler, particularly on the south side of Butler.
Policies / Strategies
Work with DeKalb County in completing the Butler City drain project.

Develop plan for installing storm sewer mains and collector

Land Use / Growth
Status – Finding Residential development potential in area northwest of Butler due to availability of municipal water and sewer.

Industrial development potential in southeast area of Butler due to available of municipal water and sewer.

Limited development potential in areas directly north, south and southwest of Butler due to lack of infrastructure.

Some vacant lots in residential areas due to unsafe building enforcement.

Objectives Additional development of single-family housing.

Additional development of industries in industrially-zoned areas on southeast side.

In-fill development on available parcels in existing neighborhoods.

Policies / Strategies
Determine cost and feasibility of extending City infrastructure to targeted development areas.

Pursue new development for targeted residential and industrial areas.

Review and revise Butler Subdivision Ordinance to streamline development processes and remove impediments to housing development.

Status – Finding Good parks.  Substantial use of Maxton, Hathaway and Southside parks as community parks; Mason Park as a neighborhood park.

Susie and Hendrickson parks are undeveloped green spaces.

No designated park or recreation space in the northwest portion of Butler.

Objective(s) Greenspace and recreational opportunities for all Butler residents in all portions of Butler.
Policies / Strategies
Update maintenance / capital improvement plans for Butler parks.

Determine future uses / needs for Susie and Hendrickson parks.

Review and revise subdivision ordinance to require reserved recreation areas in new subdivision plats.

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Policies / Strategies
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Policies / Strategies


Where do you think Butler should go in the future?  How should we get there? Please provide any comments, ideas or additional information via our Comments form.

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