Where Do We Go? — Capital Improvements

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Capital Improvements & Maintenance

As with any community, Butler has physical infrastructure and equipment that needs to be maintained, expanded and upgraded.  Following is a review of the capital needs, for Butler’s Water and Wastewater utilities, the Street Department, Parks and Cemetery.

Wastewater Collection System

The primary needs for the wastewater collection system are main and manhole repairs.

Wastewater Treatment – Combined Sewer Overflows

This is a specific program to address Butler’s combined sewer overflow issues. It includes blower replacements and upgrades, and ongoing compliance with the Long Term Compliance Plan, including the separation of sanitary and storm sewers on south side of Butler.


The primary capital stormwater need is to separate the sanitary and storm sewers on the south side of Butler.


Annual needs include street paving and crack-sealing to extend the pavement life of the street surfaces. High Street also needs reconstructed.


Improvements include a new fence, drainage tile and mausoleum repairs.


Projects include upgrading playground equipment and a storage building replacement.

Police Department

The Police Department’s primary capital needs are patrol vehicles and body armor.


What do you think are Butler’s most important infrastructure needs.  Please submit your ideas and comments via our Comments form.

We appreciate your participation and input.

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