The Physical Features of Butler

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The City of Butler is located in northeastern DeKalb County in northeastern Indiana, within Wilmington Township.  The intersection of US Highway 6 and Indiana State Road 1 marks the center of the community.  Butler is approximately 23 miles from Fort Wayne, 6 miles west of the Ohio State Line, and 9 miles east of Interstate 69.  Two rail lines, both operated by Norfolk Southern, intersect in Butler (see annotated 2016 Google Map aerial of Butler).

Butler Location in Midwest
Butler’s Location in the Midwest United States

A gridiron street network and platted lots, laid out at various points in Butler’s history, define Butler’s development pattern (see annotated 2016 Google Map aerial of Butler).

Annotated 2016 Google Map Aerial of Butler

Butler’s plat and building history spans the years 1837 to the present (see Butler Plat / Building History Links).

Northwest Plat.jpg
Butler Plat / Building History Aerial

The incorporated area of Butler is reviewed by its current status and needs at “Where Do We Go? – Common Area Review” within this website.

Topography, Soils and Water

Butler has little change in topography.  One of the railroads is slightly elevated from continual reconstruction.  The primary soil type in Butler is Blount-Pewamo-Glynwood.  This soil type is common to a majority of DeKalb County.    Soil types are reviewed in more detail in “Where Do We Go: Land Use Development Potential.”  

The only water feature in Butler is Big Run Ditch through Maxton Park in the northeastern corner of the community (see annotated 2016 Google Map aerial of Butler).

SDI Area

A street overpass connecting US Highway 6 (West Main Street) to County Road 61 was built by the Indiana Department of Transportation in the mid-1990’s to provide direct access over US 6 and the railroad to Steel Dynamics, Inc., a major DeKalb County industrial operation and employer, located approximately 3 to 3 1/2 miles south-southwest of Butler.   The area adjoining the initial Steel Dynamics complex has grown into a major industrial area.  Butler provides sanitary sewer service to this complex via a force main:

SDI Complex South-Southwest of Butler – Served by the Butler Municipal Wastewater System


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