A New Road Map for Butler

Welcome to “The Roads to Butler’s Future.”  We ask the citizens of Butler, as well as anyone who cares about Butler’s future, to join us in making a new roadmap to achieving our community’s full potential.

“The Roads to Butler’s Future” covers Butler’s background, current community status, its needs and desires.   We’ll also work on putting together several strategies for future land use, public works, economic development and government services.

You are invited to review the pages under the above headings, “Where We’ve Been,” “Where We Are,” and “Where Do We Go?”

Please provide your comments, ideas and any additional information you may have at the end of each section via the “Comments” link.  This site is a starting point for putting together a new roadmap.  It will evolve and grow over time depending on your feedback.

The Butler Plan Commission invites you to participate in putting together our new roadmap by doing the following:


You Can Start Here